Fridge Magnet marketing – An effective marketing tool

A fridge magnet marketing campaign could be viewed up to 21 million times a year?  Consider this for a moment:

A family of four could potentially see your advert over 4000 times a year.   Here’s how, lets assume each member of the family opens the fridge 3 times a day.

4 people  x 3 views = 12 views per day

12 views per day x 365 days = 4380 views per year.

Now if you gave away 10 000 fridge magnets and only 50% of the recipients place it on the fridge, 5000 x 4380 views per year equals a whopping 21 million views per year.

Plunger fridge magnets     Emergency number fridge magnets


By using a fridge magnet that is clever and attractive you could achieve far more and a 50% usage rate.