Glass bead fridge magnets

These bead or pebble fridge magnets are generally used bu scrapbookers and crafters to make beautiful home made fridge magnets.

Glass bead fridge magnets

The glass beads are available from craft shops as well as from online stores.   They are sold With Neodynium disk magnets that have an adhesive backing.  Special glue is used to apply the printed picture to the glass bead, the magnet disk is then stuck onto the picture and the end result is a cute glass pebble magnet.


Cute glass bead fridge magnets DIY Pebble magnets

Any pictures or printed material can be used to make into a stunning fridge magnet.

Flat marble fridgemagnets

Here is an example of using glass beads to make antique look typewriter keys for your fridge.

Typewriter letter magnets

Check out Pinterest for so many more stunning glass bead fridge magnet ideas.