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Fridge magnets have been around for ages.  The reason they are still here is because they work, plain and simple!  These are adverts that reside on a person’s fridge, doorjamb, PC, office white board or other metal surfaces.  A relevant fridge magnet will not be thrown away.

Could there be a better advertising medium for service companies such as electricians and plumbers? Your advert will be visible to your customer on an ongoing basis.  For restaurants or fast food companies what better advertising could there be?  A little reminder on the fridge that you are there to make life easier.  Prominently displayed with convenient access to your telephone number or web address.

One of the most recent popular trends is to make save the date fridge magnets for weddings.  This makes a perfect ongoing reminder of that special event. Many people don’t even take them down after the wedding.


Fridge Magnets – Custom Shaped

All our flat magnets can be customised shapes.  This adds to the effectiveness of the magnet by using a shape related to your industry.  Estate agents could give away house shapes, plumbers could make the shape of a van or plunger.

We make any size or shape fridge magnets from just 50 pieces.   We offer a number of unique configurations such as whiteboard magnets, calendar magnets, memo clip magnets and more.

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Photo frame magnets

Photo frame Fridge Magnet

Photo frame Fridge Magnet

This type of fridge magnet has an extra benefit, it ends up being double the value.  The outer part can hold a photo on the fridge.  The centre part is removable and can feature a separate design, double the impact and double the value!

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Save the date wedding fridge magnets

Many couples that are getting married in South Africa give away a save the date fridge magnet along with their wedding invitation.  This has become somewhat of a trend.  It certainly is an excellent idea, the recipient won’t forget the date in a hurry are they are reminded of the wedding every time they go to the fridge.

Magnetic bookmarks

Magnetic bookmark magnets have two flaps that attract each other.  These two flaps straddle your book page to hold your page number for you.  This item makes the most wonderful gift for book lovers. Please note the minimum order for bookmark magnets is 200 units.  

Community and emergency service number display fridge magnets

Doctor contact details on fridge magnet

It handy to have emergency numbers and community security initiative numbers on hand.  Fridge magnets that allow people to write on them are perfect for this.

Calendar fridge magnets

Customised fridge magnets

A calendar in the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most useful items there are.  We can add notepads and pencils to these calendar magnets too.

Domed decal fridge magnets

We can add doming resin onto the fridge magnets to give the magnet a 3D look and feel about it. These domed lenses really make the fridge magnet pop.  For normal domed stickers you can contact Gecko Media

Domed decal fridge magnets

Educational fridge magnets

We offer a variety of fridge magnets that can be educational.  Examples of these are word or poetry magnets, a whole list of words that are cut out and the user builds their own sentences or poetry on the fridge.  Perfect for sending other family members messages or greetings.   Another example of educational fridge magnets are puzzle magnets.

Cost effective advertising with Fridge Magnets

Few other advertising mediums can deliver such cost effective advertising.  Consider how often a family open their fridge each and every day.

Advert reach:

Most families have 4 members.

If they open the fridge 10 times per day they will see your advert will be seen 40 times a day

They will see you advert 280 times a week relating to 14 560 views per year.

If you were to give away 1000 magnets your advert could be seen over 14 million times a year.

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Who created the first fridge magnet?

William Zimmerman,  obtained the first fridge magnet patent in the early 1970’s.   His patent was granted for small cartoon magnets to be used for decorative display.   It’s hard to believe this product would become so massively popular.  Now it has even been adopted for very effective advertising and marketing purposes.