Fridge Magnet manufacture process

by | Feb 7, 2017

We use two different methods to manufacture fridge magnets.  The method we use depends on the number of magnets.  

On Smaller quantities, we print directly onto white fridge magnet material.  This is a direct digital print.  We then cut the image out using a router-type cutter.  This method is suitable for up to 2000 magnets. 

On larger quantities of 2000 or more, we die-cut our magnets.  First we print onto 120GSM gloss paper, this sheet is glued to the magnet with a specialised glue.  We then use a film to laminate this sheet.  The three layers are then die-cut.  

Did you know that fridge magnets are only magnetic on one side?

This is created be using a special rotating pattern of magnetisation.  The resulting magnet is known as a halbach array. 

Here is an explanantion of a Halback array form Wikipedia:

A Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side.[1][2] This is achieved by having a spatially rotating pattern of magnetisation.

The rotating pattern of permanent magnets (on the front face; on the left, up, right, down) can be continued indefinitely and have the same effect. The effect of this arrangement is roughly similar to many horseshoe magnets placed adjacent to each other, with similar poles touching.